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Pruning is an important part of every landscaping program. Without proper pruning, your trees and shrubs will not enjoy premium health.

Speak to an expert at The Yard Guys about pruning, plant care, and our other services.

Gorgeous landscaping and lawn care are what we do best. You can rely on our property service crews for optimum treatments, including pruning.


We’re here to keep your property looking its best throughout the year (except the winter because we don’t plow).


Why is pruning important?
Your trees are a valuable asset on your property. In addition to their beauty they provide shade to your land, they act as a natural barrier, even provide fruits, and they take a long time to grow. Providing proper care and maintenance is crucial.



Our pruning experts can help you make sure that your trees stay strong and healthy.

Pruning benefits trees in numerous ways, such as:

  • Increasing their lifespans.

  • Improving your property’s appearance.

  • Reducing tree disease.

  • Lowering the chance of property damage in a windstorm

  • Helping trees stay structurally sound


Our customers rely on us to keep their property green and gorgeous year round. Different types of trees and shrubs require different types of care. Some varieties of trees need regular pruning in order to stay healthy and structurally sound. You can count on our team to provide the care you need.

The Right Time:

Hedges are usually grown from shrubs that have two vegetation growth phases: one in spring and another at the end of summer.


Best is to wait for these growth periods to slow down, so that the shape you give them will stay for a longer period of time.


Consequently, you’ll trim your hedge in April-May and September-October.


But this isn’t an obligation that must be scrupulously followed, because hedges can be trimmed more often; it only means that more work is needed.


As for flowered hedges, wait for the blooming to be over before pruning.

Check out these different trees and bushes:

strawberry tree

wild privet





and flowering currant are perfect for hedges.

Go for green all year-round and start an evergreen hedge.

Or create a flowered hedge that blooms as seasons fly by.

Attract birds with berry shrubs.

Learn to create mixed hedges which are great barriers against diseases and parasites.